Daydream Weekend

We survived Southside…barely! We intended to leave on Thursday night, but changed our plans after we heard there were bad storms that killed someone. Instead we left at the insane hour of 0630 and arrived at the campgrounds about 10am. Keep in mind that they won't even let people in to the show area until 1600, yet the place is already packed. We find a spot in the last available camping area and as soon as we find it, it starts to rain, and rain more, then rain sideways, and then rain some more.

We all got soaked, but we got the tents up and then we cracked a small keg of beer and started to have fun. But brrrr… it was sure cold and wet and miserable. By the time the bands started all of the ground was mud up to your ankles; mud you could get your feet stuck in and get knocked over during a show. I watched a little of Marilyn Manson from far, far in the back, but was cold and uncomfortable, so went back to the camp site with recent arrivals Mike and Natalya.

The next morning it was cold and overcast. A security guard came around announcing that it would be cold and storming all day, getting worse into the night and that we should take our pavillions down. No too promising. I decided I wanted to pack up because if it really stormed all day, I was out of there. And I wanted to pack up while it was not raining. Beau agreed and we put all of our stuff in the car and were both feeling bummed about the whole experience. But then something miraculous happened: the sun came out! And irony and all ironies, it stayed out.

We watched bands all day and night for the next two days, (which resulted in really goofy looking hat and glasses sunburns) and had loads of fun. After almost four days of harsh living, sleeping on the ground, and listening to rock music, I feel like I have been beaten within an inch of my life, but I am happy.

Some show highlights with visual aids:

Sonic Youth was awesome! They sounded great and played lots of old favorites. They truly rock for some oldies.

Pearl Jam really exceeded all my expectations. Eddie still sounds exactly the same, the energy was high, and they closed with a touching rendition of "Keep on rocking in the free world." Yesssss.

MM with Johnny Marr. I vote them most improved band. The lead singer even seems less retarded. Aww.

And Frank Black was there, no longer looking much like Black Francis. His show was pretty boring, but I was really close to the stage!

My camera's battery crapped out somewhere after this, but the other highlights were Bloc Party and Snow Patrol. They had really high energy performances and all good songs. I have to say that I love bands that only have 2 albums, because it's possible for me to know everything they play, or at least get close. I only knew like 2 Beastie Boys songs and I have quite a few of their albums. They were entertaining, but played too much instrumental stuff for my taste and they didn't play any of my favorite songs. They should've known!

Overall, southside 4.0 = success! 

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Southside 4.0

Today is completely hectic as we try to figure out who is bringing which cooler, and how much meat, and maybe should I buy some galoshes??? We're planning to leave tonight to head to the Southside music festival in southern Germany, just near the border of Switzerland. It's my fourth time to grace this three day fest with my glorious presence and I'm sure it misses me quite badly.

Here are some of the bands I am excited to see:

Sonic Youth, Pearl Jam, Frank Black, Modest Mouse, Queens of the Stone Age, Bright Eyes (no making fun), Interpol, Snow Patrol, Arcade Fire, Block Party, and Beastie Boys.

And yes, I realize this concert would have been off the chain about ten years ago, but I am still looking forward to it. Camping, music, and 20 friends. Yes! We have almost 20 friends going and we are going to build our own tent village.

Did I mention the forecast calls for rain for the next 10 days?

Wish you were here!!!

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