I have a lot of jumping pictures. I think they’re fun, and they bring life to the mundane. The bad news is that I’m really bad at organizing them. I’m hoping this medium will provide me with an opportunity to edit these pics, and perhaps even make something worthwhile in the meantime. For now, here’s […]


Sunday was the opening day of the 2012 Sumo Tournament, and I was eager to go see it live in person, especially since I heard the first day is a good one, and has a few extra ceremonies and things that you don’t get to see on regular days. Having almost no idea what to […]


We had our Roller Derby holiday party recently and I got lots of goodies, to include professionally made t-shirts with my name and number on them! I even got a hot pair of socks with the initials “RM” on them! Something gives me the impression that these “over nee” socks were purchased in Japan. Although […]