Sorry I haven't posted in so long! As you all know, my life has changed quite a bit, but I am doing well. Jenn moved in with me, and we are having a blast. She's the best roommate ever, and Heidelberg is still my favorite city on earth.

Plus, as of today, I am the Director of Downrange Operations for the University of Maryland – Europe. Up until now I've been interim. I'm going to have some friends over tonight, wear my new dress, and drink Prosecco to celebrate! Yay! I did move to a smaller office, but it's quite cozy. Here is where I sit all day long:


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Quick Holiday Update

Things are going just swimmingly here!

Since Beau has been back, all has been right with the world. We've stayed home and rested a lot, and done a bit of hanging out with friends, which has been much needed.

On Christmas morning, Beau woke up early and made cinnamon rolls and turned on lights and music before waking me up. It was very sweet.

We had a lovely progressive dinner with excellent Turkey and food at the Klepzig home, followed by desserts galore at Katie's. It was a really pleasant day and I still feel full.

Wishing happy for you too!

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Das ist gut!

Yoga at lunch lead to revelations in the afternoon at work, and I somehow successfully shuffled all my employees around in Kuwait. After that I ran a speed workout, then showered and met up with the crew at Thanaphon for a Scorpion Bowl. Despite all the wonderful beer and schnitzel that Germany had to offer, I think this is my favorite restaurant. Super spicy thai food combined with a deliciously huge cocktail for four people (with giant straws) always leads to laughter and joy. On top of that, I came home to find that I am featured today on VOX. Woot!

If you are reading this blog for the first time, hello!, and keep going back for more exciting travel posts and pics of Djibouti!

A bit blurryScorpion Bowl

Despite my insane jealousy, I suppose it's worth mentioning that Beau is having lunch with Bill Clinton today. Not nearly as exciting as a giant bowl of alcohol, but I guess it'll have to do. Can't wait to share more details!

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Man it's been a crazy day. I had a really rough day at work, full of horrible surprises, and then I went to Matt's house after work to play poker. He made tomales for dinner and we had a great time playing poker. I think about 9 people came, and I got second place! Plus, the walk to Matt's (he lives across the river from the castle) is always a reminder of how much I freaking love this town.

For those of you that haven't been here, here's a pic of HD in winter.

Your time is running out to visit the most beautiful place on earth!

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Seasick in Heidelberg

I made it back to Germany last Sunday with no complications. Spent a lovely day relaxing on Sunday and enjoying every single thing about my life. It is so convenient the way my bathroom is located right next to my bedroom! And I just love that there aren't fifteen other girls that live in my apartment. Plus, my bed is so big and soft and I can turn the light on any time I want to! Hooray!

The weather was gorgeous on Sunday but has gone downhill rapidly. At first the cool air felt so good to me I wanted to drink it like a mojito, but I'm totally over that. Today I wore boots, tall socks, trousers, a t-shirt, a sweater, and a coat. I think it might be August but I can't remember since I have to crank the heat up in the car.

Monday morning I made Beau go running with me and it was great. I worked out a lot in Djibouti and was pretty psyched to continue on this health kick until primaquine decided it wanted to me keeled over and miserable for the next two weeks. It's a medicine I am supposed to take for 14 days after Africa to make sure there are no parasites living inside me. I started taking it Monday and have been nauseous ever since. I did yoga in this state yesterday and am just not able to enjoy anything. Blech. Can't wait until this is done!

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