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To Do!

I resolve to get back into blogging! I’ve been thinking about what to write obsessively, but by the time I sit down to do it, I’m tired and my thoughts are hazy. I will make it a priority, especially since I have an exciting trip coming up! For now, I’m loving Nashville:

I Quit!

Just like that, it’s done. Years of wondering what if, and now a decision has been made. I am scared, I won’t lie. And I feel a lot of guilt. I feel I’ve let people down who needed me, but I know that in the end, I cannot serve them well if I’m not true […]


Hooray for all the Presidents! I am celebrating the heck out of this holiday by staying at home and studying. It’s a good thing, though, because I needed to get out of “go-mode” so that I could do a little bit o’ blogging for ya! I apologize in advance, because if my schedule doesn’t change, […]

The Winner!

I like to play a little game with myself called, “let’s see how long I can wait before going to a grocery store,” and I’m pretty sure that this weekend, I won the game! Last night when I came home and wanted to eat something, there really was nothing, other than some ginger hard candies, […]


I have a lot of jumping pictures. I think they’re fun, and they bring life to the mundane. The bad news is that I’m really bad at organizing them. I’m hoping this medium will provide me with an opportunity to edit these pics, and perhaps even make something worthwhile in the meantime. For now, here’s […]