new new new

I checked my “hormone horoscope” app this morning and it warned me that today should not be a day to try anything new. I should stick to familiar places, foods, and people today. Hahaha, sorry app, that’s not happening at all. Every day we get to wake up in a new place and head out on a new adventure and it’s been completely life affirming. I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt this happy. We have a rough idea of where we want to go each day/night, but other than that, we’ve been completely winging it, and the universe has lead us to the most amazing places, best food, etc. I hate trip planning, but I love exploring and discovering things, so this might be the perfect way to travel. Just plot a course and go!

The one downside is that has been very little time to write! I thought maybe I could use our car time to get work done, but the drives have been the highlight of the trip. Driving the California coastline is an event to behold, and I don’t want to miss one second. I can’t believe we have so much further to go…I feel so lucky! I am working on not feeling guilty about living this life, just trying to be grateful and appreciate every second.  I can write about it all later when I’m back at my boring old house with my perfect dog. Right? Right.

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