Pleased to Meet Me!

As part of my quest to feel good, I purchased an OURA ring. This ring is the coolest! It is an activity and sleep tracker that measures your heart rate (and HRV!) and body temperature and is very low profile. One of the things that I love about it is that there is no data on the ring, you just connect it to your phone when you want to get info. That means I can go out for a jog or hike without a phone or any “data” about what I’m doing, which I think is really nice, and later on I can get that info if I want it.

Plus I like how it looks and can wear it on either hand.

An unexpected result of wearing it has been getting to know my body and my cycles better than ever. This next bit of information is for the ladies, but dudes, you may find it interesting as well. Since the ring measures body temp, I can track exactly when I ovulate and when my cycle begins. The crazy thing was that I noticed that my heart rate seems to go way up during the second half of the month, and down during the first. Since my temp is also elevated, and I tend to sleep worse, the ring seems to think I’m not doing so well. And a lot of the time, it’s true! My hormones almost put me in a state of “sickness” or “need recovery” as the ring would probably put it. There are other factors at play, such as if I’ve had a hard workout or am actually sick that will also elevate my heart rate and decrease my “readiness” score, but most of the time I know exactly what caused that.

I only have a few months of data, so look forward to collecting more, and look forward to discussing with a doctor. I tried to find studies regarding heart rate and hormones, but either don’t know how to search for that, or they are not out there. I find this completely fascinating, and just how out of touch most of us are with what is happening in our own bodies each month (or I was!). I now want to get an apple watch, and tons of other wearables to track all my vitals all the time. When are they just going to implant a chip in me and make me part computer? The future is now!

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