I’m writing my memoir. People have been telling me to do this since forever, and I always thought it seemed pretentious and that I probably wasn’t talented enough to do it. BUT F THAT! I am all about self-improvement, and learning to control my own thinking is step #1. So the thought process is, “YES I CAN!” It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, I just need to do the work. I can get help from an editor or whomever (zooeythepuggle at the moment, who is hard to please. Just look at her judgy face. :)),IMG_5093 and the story is special. We all have a special story. It’s finding perspective and words to bring it to life.  I need to set concrete goals, so I am going to do that here publicly. My goal is to have the first draft complete in 3 months, so by July 1st, I will have written a novel. BY JULY 1st, I WILL HAVE WRITTEN A NOVEL!

How exciting is that? I believe in myself! Setting audacious goals gets me feeling tingly all over.

So does this sweet camera I bought off craigslist yesterday. I am so stoked to learn how to use her, and to share some luscious shots with you all here! Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 7.38.52 AM


  1. If anyone’s gonna pull off this wackiness, it’s you. I don’t care what that puggle says aboutcha.

    Maybe I care a little.

    Give me the dog.

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