Road Trip Day 1 – Denver!

Had a safe first day in Denver yesterday despite the dangerous amount of fancy man sandals that I encountered on the streets. I wish I could understand why I hate some things SO MUCH. Despite the wretched footwear, I was lucky enough to go see Bon Iver at Red Rocks. For those not acquainted with the venue, Red Rocks is an open air venue formed by gigantic…wait for it…red rocks. It’s easily the coolest place I’ve ever seen a show (although the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza is a close second).

There are two gigantic rocks on either side of the seats. Here’s some info from their website “The southern monolith, that bears resemblance to a ship, is named “Ship Rock.” On the opposite side of the Amphitheatre stands “Creation Rock.” Both of the monoliths are taller than Niagara Falls, and the Red Rocks Amphitheatre was once listed as among the Seven Wonders of the World.”

My view of Ship Rock:

The view of Denver off in the distance, just before the start of the show:

Looking forward to day 2!

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