Physically Insane!

Whenever I go to the gym, the first thing I do is remove all the necessary items from my gym bag to make sure they are present. You will learn to do this after you get completely changed and then realize you only brought one shoe, no shoes, no shorts, no sports-bra, forgot socks, or brought two similar, but entirely different shoes, as I once did, as a result of being very stupid. Today I was disappointed to realize that I’d accidentally brought a really strange outfit: a big baggy t-shirt and tiny little skirt. Oh well, I figured, it’s Friday night, and I figure all the cool people are not at the gym anyway. Besides, I should just be proud and rock my spongebob squarepants’ body shape!

I was right. There were only 2 people in the treadmill room, both getting ready to leave. After jogging for about 5 minutes, I just slipped my silly minimalist shoes off, and ran in my hot pink stocking feet. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Despite their sleek look, nothing about that pair of New Balances resembles being barefoot in the slightest. I did some sprint intervals and, my goodness, I felt like a newborn animal, just learning how its legs work for the first time. I certainly did not feel a sudden lightness or running ability. I felt like I’d never used my body before, much less trotted along on this strange pair of legs.

I’m going to keep it up and see if it gets easier! I really think I can run in neon socks on the treadmill, even if people are around. We’ll see. I might be turning into that ‘eccentric’ lady, but I’m okay with that. Maybe I’ll also start jogging backwards or doing weird treadmill exercises to freak people out. Um…those look hard. Maybe not!


  1. haha I loved this post – really made me laugh how you described the outfit you had to wear… and why you pull everything out of the bag before dressing now 🙂

    Also – I somehow imagine you doing everything amazing – so it’s hard for me to picture you running like a newborn foul – haha but I’ll try 😉

    As far as running in neon socks and being the eccentric girl – go for it! Just don’t also obtain 20 cats at the same time – might be a bit much. 😉 Love the blog. Keep em comin!

  2. As far as those treadmill exercises go, I think that it would take some serious coordination. I know that the treadmill isn’t going very fast but I’m pretty sure I’d find a way to hurt myself. Maybe you should try them while wearing your roller derby pads.

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