It likes all very much!

Well, I made it 6 days into the new year before simultaneously breaking every one of my resolutions, which is 5 more days than usual! It’s especially difficult here because everything in Japan is just so cute!!! I wasn’t feeling so hot tonight when I went to get some dinner from the grocery store, and walked out with lots of goodies. How can you resist their aesthetic charm? Here is the junk food I bought tonight:

Leafy Pie and the red cat bag…I mean, how could I say no? It turned out the red cat bag contained items with the consistency of cheesy poofs and the flavor of caramel corn. Needless to say, I had to reshape the bag for the photo because I demolished them faster than you could say “meow.”

These are not from tonight, but here is some other Japanese awesomeness. A six-pack of beer:

Popcorn in my chubby hand:

And a school bus I often pass in the same intersection on my way to work. I promise I normally do not take photos while driving!


  1. Love the packaging that the beer comes in, as it would make a fabulous lunch box. Yummy awesomeness at your fingertips. It would be hard not to eat junk, but since you are in a new country and are on a mission of discovery – trying everything would be so fun! So, I say why not! Have fun. That is the cutest school bus that I have ever seen.

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