After being off work for nearly one week, I feel like a new woman. I spent the morning doing some planning for this little blog here, trying to decide what shape I want it to take, and I think it will be focused around one central topic that everyone is concerned with: me. It will mostly be a travel blog, but I’ll try to also tell funny stories about my day and share the little idiosyncratic things about life in Japan.

Today was a particularly good day. I got my hairs cut (just a smidge) and then ran some errands. At the post office, I was shocked to discover I had FIVE packages. Giddy with glee, I skipped home to open all my completely unexpected presents! They are wonderful gifts, but mostly I just feel so loved, and so happy to have such a wonderful family and amazing friends that are so thoughtful. I can’t tell you all what it means to me to know that I’m in your thoughts.

I didn’t bring a lot of stuff with me to Japan, and so I’ve had to purchase many basic (cheap) things for my home. This has left it bland, and without character. It makes me long for a place that has been “lived in” and reflects memories, travels, and love. These small items from my loved ones help me to make this place a home, and remind me of how very lucky I am. Now I’m off to go put on tons of my new gold and sliver eye shadow, eat chocolate, and listen to new music from my speakerpillow! YES!

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