The Waiting Game

We had to wait until 1900 to get my passport back, so we spent the day trying to work and get ready. We got new gear (helmet and vest with metal plates) issued from the warehouse. It’s awkward, but somehow I like having it. And I look damn sexy in it, I’m sure.

I got my passport back and we immediately went to the passenger terminal where a flight was just leaving that we were too late for. They announced the new flights at 2030 and we found out that our next roll call was at 0445, so we packed up and left. We decided to spend the night in the Education Center so that no one had to worry about driving us back and forth. This seemed like a great idea until I actually had to get up at 4 and walk 3 quarters of a mile wearing a metal vest and 30 pound backpack – not to mention the helmet flopping around awkwardly on my head.

We did not make that flight, nor the next three. It is now 1845 and I am sitting here just waiting for the next roll call at 2030. The good news is that is very comfy here, and there is an abundance of free, healthy food. I’ve got books, crosswords, my computer, etc. The only thing missing is the internet!

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