Today was an excellent day! I took the day off work to run errands and fix up my apartment a little bit. Jenn just moved in, so I'm having to make my bedroom into a whole apartment, which is pretty fun, actually!

I went to the recycling center to drop off some old stuff and they have a place where people leave stuff that is still good for other people to take. Usually it's really terrible crap, but as I was leaving, I noticed a chair. It was clean and looked like it would match my stuff perfectly. So I brought it home and I think it really ties the room together.

Best Free Chair EverMon petit living roomMy Room

And ya just can't beat FREE!

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  1. It is cool that you found a used chair that fits well in your apartment. "It really ties the room together" completely reminds me of The Big Lebowski and his rug.
    You posting will shame me into posting, too. You realize that, don't you?

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