weekend and media

I want spring so badly. It's freezing here, and it's been snowing on and off all day. We've only had one day of nice weather this whole year! Sheesh. Stupid Germany.

Despite the weather, I had a pretty good weekend. Went to the "Timewarp" festival with Anna on Friday night in Mannheim. We were rushed so we jumped on the train without buying tickets. Immediately the man came around checking them so we slinked backwards and jumped off at the next stop. Then we were stuck in the middle of nowhere in the rain. We finally got a cab, which cost much more than the train would have, I'm sure, and made it there. The show was amazing! I loved the Foals and then I got to go on stage and dance with Stereo Totale, the cutest Frenchies ever. Like 100 people came on stage at the end of the set, but the guy actually reached down, grabbed my hand, and pulled me up! I felt like Courtney Cox with Bruce Springsteen. *giggle*

Saturday morning was my first day of "Heidelberg through the ages", a college history class. We were supposed to go on a field trip, but since it was pouring rain, the professor lectured all day. For 8 hours. Which was really interesting and would have been no problem if I'd had more than two hours of sleep. But I made it through the day and actually learned a lot of really interesting stuff. Sunday we went to the local museum to see a lot of the artifacts from the tribes he'd been teaching about, and then after lunch we went to the top of the Heiligenberg to see the ruins there, as well as the Nazi amphitheatre. It's just across the river from me, and I had never been there. It was really great to have him show us around and explain everything, especially understanding the history and context. I have 3 more weekends of class and I am very much looking forward to all of them.

I know I don't usually talk much about what I'm reading, but I've been really pleased with all my choices lately. I'm reading "what is the what" and it's incredible so far. It's the story of a refugee from Sudan and it's beautifully written and heartbreaking. Go buy it now because proceeds go to his charity organization and it is really, really, good. I'm listening to "teacher man" by Frank McCourt (who wrote Angela's ashes) and I think I'm sort of smitten with him. It's like I have an interesting Irish friend tell me stories every time I get in the car. And at home, I've been watching "The Tudors". One of our faculty members just randomly gave me season 1 as a present, and it's great! It's factual historic events, reentacted by beautiful people with lots of sex appeal! It's fun to watch, and it's improving my historical knowlege. Good all around.



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