Since we had a long weekend, but hadn't made any plans, Beau and I decided to just hop into Lola (the mini) and head out of town.

We hit Freiburg first, which is located in the heart of the black forest. The weather was incredibly warm and we spent the afternoon just wandering around. The city was very quaint, with tiny canals in the streets and water trickling through them.

We had a nice dinner at a local brewery and took a fair amount of pictures. We both also accidentally ordered large salads composed entirely of beets. Not terrible, actually, but just way, way too many beets.

The next day was sunny and gorgeous, so we headed south for Switzerland, with the objective of visiting Liechtenstein, since it's a country neither one of us had seen. Switzerland was slow going, and we got very confused driving through Zurich. We ended up taking backroads for about an hour, which was frustrating, but beautiful! We finally figured out where we were and then we were in Liechtenstein in no time.

We hit Vaduz, the capital, and hiked up the hill to see their castle. It's not open to the public, since the Prince currently lives there. We didn't have any francs to use the telescope,

so we pretended it was a gun and proceeded to blow up the picturesque villages around Vaduz.

After that we continued to be good Americans and went to McDonalds. I took this amazing picture of Beau that makes me laugh EVERY time I look at it. It's just so weird. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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