Das ist gut!

Yoga at lunch lead to revelations in the afternoon at work, and I somehow successfully shuffled all my employees around in Kuwait. After that I ran a speed workout, then showered and met up with the crew at Thanaphon for a Scorpion Bowl. Despite all the wonderful beer and schnitzel that Germany had to offer, I think this is my favorite restaurant. Super spicy thai food combined with a deliciously huge cocktail for four people (with giant straws) always leads to laughter and joy. On top of that, I came home to find that I am featured today on VOX. Woot!

If you are reading this blog for the first time, hello!, and keep going back for more exciting travel posts and pics of Djibouti!

A bit blurryScorpion Bowl

Despite my insane jealousy, I suppose it's worth mentioning that Beau is having lunch with Bill Clinton today. Not nearly as exciting as a giant bowl of alcohol, but I guess it'll have to do. Can't wait to share more details!

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