Je suis la femme sans pays

Just when you thought there was no more traveling, I am hitting 3 major cities in one week! Tomorrow I am working until 3, then taking the train to Paris to meet my mom and dad! My mom is working the flight and my dad is coming for fun. We will spend the night in Paris, then all fly back to NJ together. I am very, very excited. It is special for me to be able to hang out with both of my parents without siblings or spouses. The last time I remember that happening was when we went to Seattle in Oct of 1999 and ate at the top of the space needle on my birthday (although I'm sure it's happened since then).

So tomorrow we plan to eat at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Ooh la la! How things have improved….

Friday I recover in NJ, then Saturday I am off to NYC for my 6th anniversary with Beau! YAY! We are going to stay in the city and have a fabulous dinner somewhere.

Monday I fly to Cali and will spend all week with my family. Saturday my cousin Nicki is getting married! I am so happy for her and amazed that time has passed so quickly. Can't wait to see everyone.

Must pack now and get to bed.

Au Revoir!!!

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