Seasick in Heidelberg

I made it back to Germany last Sunday with no complications. Spent a lovely day relaxing on Sunday and enjoying every single thing about my life. It is so convenient the way my bathroom is located right next to my bedroom! And I just love that there aren't fifteen other girls that live in my apartment. Plus, my bed is so big and soft and I can turn the light on any time I want to! Hooray!

The weather was gorgeous on Sunday but has gone downhill rapidly. At first the cool air felt so good to me I wanted to drink it like a mojito, but I'm totally over that. Today I wore boots, tall socks, trousers, a t-shirt, a sweater, and a coat. I think it might be August but I can't remember since I have to crank the heat up in the car.

Monday morning I made Beau go running with me and it was great. I worked out a lot in Djibouti and was pretty psyched to continue on this health kick until primaquine decided it wanted to me keeled over and miserable for the next two weeks. It's a medicine I am supposed to take for 14 days after Africa to make sure there are no parasites living inside me. I started taking it Monday and have been nauseous ever since. I did yoga in this state yesterday and am just not able to enjoy anything. Blech. Can't wait until this is done!

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  1. I'm surprised Beau didn't advise you just to skip the 'quine – but it sounds like you ate quite a bit of regional food, so…Apartment living with Beau certainly must have the equivalence of living with, at least, 3 other girls. He's a queeny snatch.

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