Boat Trip!

I keep realizing all the stuff I forgot to tell you about! The Sunday before I left we went on a boat trip and it was

awesome! Some people who were leaving chartered the boat and we were very fortunate to be invited. The boat itself was quite old, but lots of fun since the top floor was just a bunch of mats for relaxing on. We saw about 4 half sinking boats on our way out of the harbor and that was a little disarming, but I was so happy to have an entire day off post I didn't really care if our ship sunk.

We sailed North for about two hours to a small group of Islands in the Red Sea. I don't know the exact name of where we went, but the skipper showed it to me on a map. We anchored in the middle of the water, and then they gave us the option to take a small boat and go ashore, which I did. What I discovered was a deserted, pristine paradise. The water was crystal clear and the sand was soft and white. We had a cooler of beer, snorkels,

fins, sunsreen, and the whole day ahead of us. I snorkeled a  bit, but there was not much to see aside from sand colored fish. Mostly we just hung out on the shallow water, drank beers, and had fun. I even held a crab!

The Djiboutians made us lunch of curry chicken and rice on the boat. It was fantastic. On the way back, we did mad-libs and I took a short nap. It was one of my best days, and one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to.

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