I slept in a bit this morning and it just felt wonderful. I haven't had a good night's sleep since I've been here, but tomorrow there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm going CLU-squatting. Apparently, it's a popular activity here and one I feel very privileged to participate it. A CLU is a 'containerized living unit' and squatting means living there illegally. A Major here is leaving to go TDY tomorrow and is letting me stay in his CLU until I leave! I will have my own room! With a bathroom! Right now the bathroom is about a 5 minute walk over gravel from my tent. So this is an enormous step up and I am very excited. So excited that I agreed to meet him at 5 am to get his key tomorrow without grumbling at all.

The morning was busy talking to lots of students. I really enjoy it when I am able to help people and simplify getting an education for them. At 1700 I went to yoga, and I can tell I am getting a lot better. I am learning other fun balance moves and really enjoying it.

I rushed out of there and left for the Barbala school at 1830. This school was a bit shabbier than the others and didn't really have a floor, but the students were older and better English speakers.

Tonight's topic was "How to keep Educated people in Djibouti." We did not come up with an answer, but I did have a guy ask me, specifically, why we kept taking smart people instead of nomads. He said we could take all their nomads. I just told him his English was great and I didn't know, but it probably had something to do with money, then steered the conversation into a less accusatory area. I just cannot tell you how honred I feel to be sitting in that classroom and listening to them discuss economics, life, and love. Their world has been so different from mine and yet they are welcoming, warm, and very open. The talk openly about all their problems and the shortcomings in their society. It made me realize that Americans don't like to do this, but perhaps that has contributed to our success – being so darn patriotic and optimistic. But then again it's another story to hold these beliefs when you are completely downtrodden. Obviously, I need to think about this a little more.

I'm going to call Peaches and see if she wants to meet for a quick beer to cap off a perfectly lovely Thursday.

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