The Victors

We've been going to 'trivia night' at the local Irish pub every week for a while now, like 9 months, and our success has been sporadic. At first we didn't have enough people, then too many people, and sometimes the questions were just too off the wall. We often got third or fourth place (sometimes out of not many more teams), and while I was in Kuwait, the dream finally came true and our team got first. Yes, without me. After I came back we won again (!) and everything was going great until they announced that they were ending quiz night for the summer.

Being the enterprising team that we are, we found another irish pub that has quiz night and last night we decided to try it out despite the rumours that it was going to be incredibly difficult and that it would cost money. Frankly, I was nervous. The place was packed, and a lot of tables were reserved. There had to have been at least 10 other teams. The quizmaster got started and announced that the first place price was a new laptop! He said it was top of the line and that he had been assured it was the best in the whole store.

We were all shocked and began to discuss some possibilities. First, we considered just leaving, thinking we were in over our heads. Then we discussed what we would do with a laptop: sell it and split the money? Play poker for it? Donate it to charity? The possibilities were endless.

Then he started the quiz and we realized we knew some of the answers, then more. Some of them were easy! And it so it was that after an exciting two round tie-breaker (Matt is the greatest!!!), we won first place. And we received our bounty: a cardboard laptop with a keyboard made of chocolate. Top of the line! We decided not to sell it and split the profits, but to eat it.

As Beau so shrewdly pointed out, our average number of quiz nights won at O'Reilly's is now 100%. We rule!

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