Final Countdown

Excitement is starting to set in! I am leaving for Djibouti tonight! I am flying first to Paris, and then straight into Djibouti city, which will take over 7 hours. I'll arrive there in the morning. I have not done a good job of doing my research, and I have no idea what to expect. […]

Southside 4.0

Today is completely hectic as we try to figure out who is bringing which cooler, and how much meat, and maybe should I buy some galoshes??? We're planning to leave tonight to head to the Southside music festival in southern Germany, just near the border of Switzerland. It's my fourth time to grace this three […]

The Victors

We've been going to 'trivia night' at the local Irish pub every week for a while now, like 9 months, and our success has been sporadic. At first we didn't have enough people, then too many people, and sometimes the questions were just too off the wall. We often got third or fourth place (sometimes […]

Vox Tips & Tricks

Write your first post Tell us a little about yourself. How’s your day going? What brought you here? What’s something you’re really excited about? If you need a little inspiration, answer the Question of the Day. Or introduce yourself to the Vox community. Click on compose to write your first post. Display your favorite music, […]