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August 22 Update

First up, I’m still sober! 53 days into this no drinking journey and I am doing great…with that. I also quit caffeine since a huge part of my motivation to quit drinking was to improve my sleep and it has worked well. I am sleeping amazing these days, and working out a lot, but am […]

new new new

I checked my “hormone horoscope” app this morning and it warned me that today should not be a day to try anything new. I should stick to familiar places, foods, and people today. Hahaha, sorry app, that’s not happening at all. Every day we get to wake up in a new place and head out […]


I’m writing my memoir. People have been telling me to do this since forever, and I always thought it seemed pretentious and that I probably wasn’t talented enough to do it. BUT F THAT! I am all about self-improvement, and learning to control my own thinking is step #1. So the thought process is, “YES […]